How often have you wanted to make a quilt, but didn’t think you had the time? When I began thinking about quilting making in terms of columns rather than blocks, that’s when the sewing and quilting process changed; it became quicker, easier, and the look was more modern. Welcome to my first episode on Sewing With Nancy featuring Quick Column Quilts

During this first episode, learn the streamlined details of creating three unique linear quilts–large or small, the sewing is most enjoyable!

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The Heartbeat Column Quilt

The design bears only a vague similarity to an echocardiogram, yet I think you can see why I chose that name! Like the rhythms of the heart, the peaks and valleys of the fabric provide a pleasing and a rhythmic movement. The stitching may be quick, yet the pleasing result is long-lasting. This is a great beginner quilting project.

Quick Column Quilts Book by Nancy Zieman as seen on Sewing With Nancy TV s

Heartbeat Column Quilt—Double, Queen, or King-sized

Not limited to a baby or lap quilt, the Heartbeat Column Quilt is ideal for larger quilts. Using gray, white, and black prints with a neutral background, the quilt design takes on a modern look. To adjust to the large bed-quilt sizes, just vary the number, width, and length of the columns.

Quick Column Quilts Book by Nancy Zieman as seen on Sewing With Nancy TV s

Interrupted Column Quilt

This speedy queen-sized quilt is designed with a very easy lesson in color coordination. Simply find a print you love for the narrow columns, and choose five colors from the print to use for the column colors. The interruptions—horizontal strips—stop the lengthwise movement while creating an artistic design.

Quick Column Quilts Book by Nancy Zieman as seen on Sewing With Nancy TV s

13 Column Quilts in One Convenient Book.

In my book, Quick Column Quilts, I explore how easy it is to make a modern, fresh quilt using a straight-forward column approach. The traditional quilt blocks are replaced with columns of varying widths to create a linear composition. The projects in the book are featured in this week’s Sewing With Nancy. Watch it on your local PBS station or anytime online.

Quick Column Quilts by Nancy Zieman as seen on Sewing With Nancy

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Quick Column Quilts as seen on Sewing With Nancy Zieman

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Thanks for all your comments sharing your favorite projects from Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares. The random winner of a copy of the book is Karen W. She shared: All of the above!!! We’re working on a new quilting studio and everything would be perfect!

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