I’ve presented a lot of techniques and projects over the years on Sewing With Nancy, yet I know when I’ve hit a home run when a member of the camera crew leaves their post, studies the project up close, and states, I want to make that!

That’s just what happened during the recording of the series, Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilts. Leslie and Cassie, expert camera wranglers—both twenty-something gals—were enthusiastic about stitching the super-sized tumbler quilt. So with that unsolicited excitement, I enthusiastically tell you about my newest TV series that you can watch online at nancyzieman.com.

Highlights of Ep. 2506 – Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilts, Part 1

Some of the highlights are:

Use a multi-sized template from the Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilt Template Collection to create tumbler blocks in sizes 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″.

Learn how to trace and cut finishing pieces and full-sized tumbler pieces. PS: the 10″ super-sized Tumbler size is ideal for large fabric prints!

With simple straight-seam stitching, you’ll soon have a finished quilt!

Also learn how to add sashing strips, a great way to vary the design. There’s a trick to this—ask me how I know!

Nancy’s Corner

As sewers and quilters, common terminology is to quarter–mark fabric when sewing knits or create 1/4-scale triangles. Quartering is also important when it comes to meal planning. Gail Underbakke, RD, MS. Nutrition Coordinator for UW Health in Madison WI returns to give us guidelines when planning meals, helping us to be healthier, creative people! Since the interview with Gail, I think of my food portions and ratios of veggies to protein and carbs much differently!

At www.nancyzieman.com you’ll find links to my Nancy’s Corner guest, you’ll be able to watch current Sewing with Nancy programs online, read my blog, and basically, you’ll be directed to all things Sewing with Nancy!

Are you watching online as well as on TV? What’s your favorite way of watching Sewing With Nancy?

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