American Flag quilt pattern by  Stephanie Kepecs Joanne PerlmutterI recently received the email below from Stephanie Kepecs, a Sewing with Nancy viewer, who wanted to share the American Flag quilt pattern that she designed for her son.

I was watching your show recently and was struck by a quilter who was making quilts for soldiers (the Nancy’s Corner segment with Cathy Ott’s recycled honor quilt). Sewing with Nancy has been a weekly vacation for me for many, many years. I thought you may be interested in an American Flag that I designed. I am not a professional; I teach quilting as a volunteer. Thanks for all the happy hours. Stephanie

I was impressed—the quilt design, entitled The Betsy Ross Flag, is stunning! Yet, the most amazing part is that Stephanie and her friend Joanne Perlmutter, co-designer, wanted you to have the pattern too!  As we approach Memorial Day and think of the sacrifices that others have made for our freedom, consider making and giving this wall quilt to a deserving service person—active or retired.

American Flag free quilt pattern

Free Quilt Pattern

Click here to download the free quilt pattern, instructions and images. Please note that the instructions are the property of All rights are reserved. The pattern may be reproduced for your personal use. Quilt shops and other retailers should contact to receive permission to reproduce the pattern/instructions.

There are three sheets to download; the instructions are extremely well written.

Property of All Rights Reserved. Pattern may be reproduced and distributed to retail customers, for their personal use, by independant Bricks and Mortar Quilt Shops presently licensed by

Please thank Stephanie and Joanne!

Take time to thank them by leaving a comment below, or leave a comment at their website, It would be great to know to whom you’ll give the completed art quilt.

American Flag quilt pattern by Stephanie Kepecs Joanne Perlmutter

My thanks for Stephanie and Joanne!

Bye for now,

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