"Block and a Half"

Leni Wiener is a person who enjoys teaching traditional quilting. She’s authored various books (Photo-Inspired Art Quilts is one of my favorites.) and is a sought-after teacher. Yet when she found herself standing in front of a group of young women who wanted to learn quilting, she rethought traditional quilting. You see, her students asked for a fresh/modern approach to quilting. Leni was up to the task.

One of her strengths is teaching value and color. If a quilt design doesn’t have light, medium, and dark fabrics as well as large, medium and small prints, it just doesn’t make the grade. She took her color and value skills and artfully applied them to large blocks, 8″-10″, and gave herself the challenge of only using three fabrics.

"Dancing Squares"

Her new protégées were thrilled. Updated quilts featuring large-scale prints, no pinning to match points, and a symmetrical or random layout were the keys to appealing to women with babes in arms. She calls her updated type of quilting, foolproof! One side note; one of Leni’s fabric selection techniques is to choose a black print, white print, plus any color. It’s a can not go wrong combo!

"Fun with Stripes"

I’m several decades shy from fitting into the category of a young woman, yet I like to think of myself as much younger than I am. Don’t we all! Choosing only three fabrics—using Leni’s guidelines—is an ideal way to create a quick and foolproof quilt even for those of us who could and do have grandbabies in arms. A new approach is always welcome.

"Modern Basket Weave"

Leni has graciously offered to autograph a copy of her newest book, 3-Fabric Quilts. If you’d like the opportunity to win this copy, please post your favorite three-fabric combo. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, send your submission to info@ziemanproductions.com.) Next week we’ll choose a random winner!

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