laser cut fusible appliqués nancy ziemanMake Wall Art to Showcase your Interests

Nancy Zieman is pleased to announce her new product line, Fusible Fabric Art with laser cut fusible appliques from The Creative Iron. She designed 12 easy to apply appliques that showcase your interests: sewing, quilting, reading and gardening just to name a few! To view Nancy’s New product line, click here.

Here’s how easy it is to create fusible fabric art!

Check the Appliqué

  • First, check the back of the appliqué to make certain that the web is firmly bonded to the fabric in the small areas. If not, place the appliqué, paper side up, on the ironing board, cover with a press cloth, and press for 2-3 seconds in an up and down motion with a dry iron set at the low temperature. Do not peel backing paper until paper is entirely cool.

 Remove the Paper Backing

  • Peel off the paper backing by folding down an edge with paper side up and gently rolling the appliqué between your fingers. The paper backing will pop free.
  • Or, use a straight pin. Carefully slide the pin between the paper and the web along an edge to begin the separation process.

laser cut fusible appliqués nancy zieman


  • After the paper has begun to separate, carefully peel away the remaining paper without stretching the fabric. The less the appliqués are handled before fusing the less the edges will fray.
  • Several of the designs are tabbed to a background fabric in a detailed area of the appliqué. Use an embroidery scissors to carefully snip the tabs to release the shapes. Discard the extra background fabric.

laser cut fusible appliqués nancy zieman Position the Appliqué

  • Position the appliqué on the right side of the fabric.
  • Use rulers to check both the horizontal and vertical placement.
  • Smooth out any ripples or bumps.
  • If there is lint on your fabric, do not use a lint roller before fusing the appliqué in place. The threads could loosen at the edges of the appliqué.

laser cut fusible appliqués nancy zieman

  • Not all appliqués must be set perfectly square. Give the canted look a try!
    nancy zieman laser cut fusible appliques
  • It’s also interesting to offset the appliqué.

nancy zieman laser cut fusible appliques

Note from Team Nancy: Laser-cut appliqués may occasionally leave some brown vaporized web residue along the edges of the fabric. This will dissipate when fusing the appliqué.

 Test Fuse

  • Test fuse prior to fusing the actual appliqué to determine proper pressing time and iron temperature. Once fused, the bond of the appliqué is permanent.
  • Designs include a scrap background fabric or a separate piece of fused fabric.
  • Use this scrap piece and test with a scrap from the background fabric.
  • Follow the steps below for fusing. If the test fabric does not bond properly, prewash the background fabric.
  • Testing will also determine exactly how much time is needed to press each side of the fabric to get a firm bond.

Fuse the Appliqué

laser cut fusible appliqués nancy zieman

  • Press—not iron—in an up and down motion and hold for 10-12 seconds in each location. (Sliding the iron could cause the appliqué to shift.)
  • Turn the fabric over and without a pressing sheet, press, with steam, the entire appliqué. Do not skimp on pressing since this step will form the permanent bond.
  • When cool, check that all edges are tightly attached.

 Stitching (Optional)

  • If fused thoroughly, the appliqué will be permanently bonded to the fabric. Since the finished projects are designed for wall art, wall quilts, pillow, or other infrequently cleaned item, the stitching step is not generally needed.
  • Set the sewing machine for a zigzag stitch 2.0-2.5 – stitch length and 2.0 width. (The more curves or shapes, the shorter the stitch length.)
  • Stitch along the edge with a matching thread.

laser cut fusible appliqués nancy zieman

Wall Art Inspirations with Laser Cut Appliqués

The featured wall art does not include stitching along the cut edges. Framing, whether on stretched canvas or in a frame, is such an easy way to add interest to your decor. Click here for framing details.

Laser cut fusible appliqués Nancy Ziemannancy zieman laser cut fusible appliques

Laser cut fusible appliqués Nancy Ziemannancy zieman laser cut fusible appliques

Cleaning (optional)

  • All fabric used for appliqués are fused in large quantities and are not pre-washed. There is a slight possibility of shrinking or bleeding.
  • Laser cut fusible appliqués are designed to be wall art, wall quilts, pillows, and infrequently cleaned items.
  • If cleaning is absolutely necessary, use cold water and gently wash by hand. Dry flat and hand press into shape. Press with a dry iron.