Nancy ZiemanAfter posting a video message on my most recent health adventure, I decided to give you an update. This time I’m sharing better news. It’s been 12-weeks since my surgery, and I’m learning to adjust to the implant in my left leg—a partially new femur and a mechanical knee. The only post-surgery treatment is physical therapy, which can be challenging at times! I’m up and about with the help of crutches or a walker.

Back in the Saddle

Last week, I got back to the business of  recording TV shows. We started slowly, recording three Nancy’s Corner segments—the ending segment of each Sewing With Nancy show. These segments feature the actual fashions from the Dressing Downton exhibit, which is currently on display at The Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh, WI. The segments will air late fall ’15.

Nancy Zieman at The Paine Art Center's exhibit Dressing Downton

If you are a fan, as I am, of Downton Abbeythe highly rated PBS drama, you know that it is worth watching the series just to catch a glimpse of the costumes worn by the actors who either portray the aristocrats or the servants at the abbey.

My interview with Laura Fiser, curator at the art center, highlights a segment on each of the following wardrobe changes: day fashions, evening wear, and activewear such as riding and hunting fashions.

Nancy Zieman at The Paine Art Center's exhibit, Dressing Downton

Some of the costumes are vintage and others were made for the series. A fascinating tidbit is that if the fashions were made for the series, they were sewn according to the sewing skills of that era. Embroidery was done by hand during the 1910–1920s—subsequently if embroidery was featured in the costumes, it was hand sewn. If you have the opportunity to see the exhibit, which is on display through September 20, you are sure to be impressed!

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Watch for the New Sewing With Nancy Series

Starting August 11, 2015, the new Sewing With Nancy series will be available to Public TV stations and to view online—it will be our 34th season! During one mini-series, friends shared their favorite techniques, which allowed time for me to heal and recover. If all goes as planned, I’ll finish recording this series just in the nick of time. My gratitude goes out to the staff at Wisconsin Public TV, who co-produce the show with me, and my staff who have accommodated my schedule.

By the way, each Public TV station determines their own program line-up. The sewing or quilting topic that’s broadcast locally, may not coincide with what I feature on this blog. Remember, you can always watch online.

Thank you!

I have been showered with well-wishes, cards, and prayers for which I am totally grateful. Through the grace of God, with the guidance of a knowledgable medical team, and with the help and support of family/friends, my plan is to fully recover. So far—so good!

Bye for now,

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