Wow. Who knew that blogging about cleaning my sewing closet would bring the largest response of viewers ever! The blog was titled, Give Your Aging Fabric Stash a New Home! It seems it got many of you inspired to sew or donate some of your stash to a charitable cause. I thank you for wanting to help others in need.

I thought I’d feature a few Nancy’s Corner guests that shared a charitable cause in need of fabric. Perhaps you’ll find a cause that will touch your heart that you’d feel worthy of your stash! The gift is in the giving.

ConKerr Cancer

Cindy Kerr, ConKerr Cancer, details how you can make hospitalized children smile by sewing a simple pillowcase. Cindy started the program when her son was diagnosed with bone cancer. In the last five years over 550,000 pillowcases have been sewn, many of them in the hospital with the children helping pin and cut. Watch video.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Personal Care Bags

Carole Franceski, Tender Loving Care Ministries, returned to my Nancy’s Corner segment to ask for assistance in helping the needy children of Appalachia. In addition to the clothing project detailed in Nancy’s Program 2514, Carole explains how to make a small Care Bag for the children, providing the basics such as washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and tissues to fill the Care Bag. Watch video.

Binky Patrol

Susan Finch joined me via Skype to discuss Binky Patrol, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide homemade blankets to children who need the love and comfort provided by their own Binky. To date the Binky Patrol has made over 600,000 blankets. There are over 105 Binky Patrol chapters, plus help from Girl Scouts and churches. Learn how to participate. Watch video.

Comfort Doll Project on Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Comfort Doll Project

Brenda Hutchings, Comfort Doll Project, explained how sewing small artistic dolls for women in domestic abuse shelters can be very meaningful. Comfort Dolls are created with loving hands and given with joyful hearts. These small dolls are the perfect size to be carried in a purse as a gentle reminder that someone cares. Watch video.

Sew for HOPE on Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Sew For HOPE

During my interview with Cynthia Seyler, you’ll learn about her desire to donate one of every ten quilts she created. Her goal was to provide a quilt for every homeless child at HOPE Community Homeless Shelter in Tallahassee, Florida. Watch video.

Enchanted Makeovers

Enchanted Makeovers founder Terry Grahl explains how handmade items such as capes, pillowcases, and dolls are key to the healing process for women and children rebuilding their lives in shelters. Terry showcases some of the pillowcases and Capes for Kids that have been made, and how you too can give inner strength to those living in shelters with your handmade gifts. Watch video.

More causes

There are even more causes shared in a previous blog titled, 10 Volunteer Sewing & Quilting Groups. Plus, I know many of you also have suggestions as to where to donate fabric. Please feel free to post those ideas!

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