Q:        Did you miss Sewing With Nancy this week on Public TV?

A:         Now, watch the show online!

Q:        Is Sewing With Nancy currently off your local listing?

A:         Now, watch the show online!

Q:        Would you like to watch Sewing With Nancy at your convenience?

A:         Now, watch the show online!

It’s exciting news for us at Sewing With Nancy, all current episodes, plus the Encore episodes (last year’s season) are available online 24/7. We’re the first Public TV Sewing and Quilting show to air current series online and on Public TV. We’re excited–hope you are too!

Watch Nancy Zieman Online

Just go towww.nancyzieman.comto find out all things Sewing With Nancy:

•          Current Online Episodes

•          Encore Episodes

•          Nancy’s Corner interviews

The current 2400 series is only a click away. (As a side note, we didn’t start numbering the series until our 5th year on TV! Hmm, what was I thinking?) You can watch the following mini-series;

Delightful Dresden Appliques with guest Kate Bashynski

Sensational Scarves with guest Donna Fenske

Copy Cat Patterns

Sew Serendipity with guest Kay Whitt

Machine Needle Felting with guest Isabella Hoffman

Expressive Sweatshirts with guest Mary Mulari

Bargello Quilts with a Twist with guest Maggie Ball

Column Quilts

Landscape Quilting Workshop with guest Natalie Sewell

Stress Free Zipper Creations with guest Mary Mulari

Runway Finishes for Cool Edges with guest Linda Lee

Sew Elastics—Stretch Your Options

Sewing Then and Now

Without your loyal support, this new venture would not be possible. Thank you for watching Sewing With Nancy on Public TV and now online!

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