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I had the privilege of meeting an incredible woman and her organization as I interviewed her for a Nancy’s Corner segment of Sewing With Nancy. Sue Rock is the Founder/Director of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., an internationally acclaimed textile charity committed to supporting the lives of survivors of domestic violence! You can watch my interview with Sue online.

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Interviews Sue Rock

Recently Sue Rock emailed me with an amazing offer and desire to help those affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes. She asked if I could help spread the word about her kind offer. 

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Sewing for CharitySue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. is willing to donate assorted fabrics to any person or sewing group that is working on projects in their area to support survivors of the Oklahoma tornadoes. All she requests is that the recipient pay for shipping costs.

Interested sewists should contact Sue and her organization at [email protected]. Upon receiving your email, they will send you a response form. The response form requests the following information:

  • The organization/person receiving the fabric
  • The address for delivery
  • The use of the fabric (“Girls Scout Troup 307 of River City is creating pillowcases for families affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes”)

The form gives sewists information about how to pay for shipment of the fabric to their location.

Lastly, Sue requests that in appreciation for the donation and in lieu of payment, that the organization or sewist please share information about this donation in a specific way (newsletter, community meeting, blog, twitter, facebook etc.).  This “word of mouth” outreach helps Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. more than ever! 

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Sewing for Charity Quilt To Give

If you or your group are looking for inspiration of what you can sew for those affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes, check out my Quilt to Give. You’ll find 10 easy steps to create a bed-size quilt. 

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Sewing for Charity Quilt To Give

Quilt to Give is again the Community Service Project at the 2013 Quilt Expo in September. Here are three ways you can participate in this fun event. 1) Attend Quilt Expo and plan a 1/2-hour or more of time to sit, sew, and give with others. 2) Donate fabric in bright colors (1/4 yd. or more)—fabric coordinates are welcome. 3) Donate a new bed quilt.

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