Connect_The_Dots_Nancy_Zieman_Seams_UnlikelySewing is not a solitary craft. Sewing is a community. Our grandmothers’ sewing bees, church bazaars, and even modern-day sewing or quilting guilds and retreats are all sewing communities. Much like my teaching career and business—not solitary—made possible by a community of people helping me—you helping me.

Another example of a sewing community is Nancy’s Corner. I feel part of my job is to share positive information with Sewing With Nancy viewers. I’m compelled to connect the dots. The last segment of each Sewing With Nancy TV show is dedicated to Nancy’s Corner. Within five minutes, I share insights and inspiration of people helping others or making a difference in our sewing and quilting community. People like Terry Grahl from Enchanted Makeovers—a volunteer group that performs makeovers of shelters for women and children. Terry Grahl_and_Nancy_Zieman_on_the_set_of_Sewing_With_NancySusan Hudson, a Native American Quilter who pays tribute to her ancestors through quilting.

Susan Hudson Native American QuilterAnd Annie, Maggie and Natalie—Students from the University of Wisconsin, Stout—who created an evacuation harness for the safety of those bound to wheelchairs.

Annie, Maggie, and Natalie Student project at University of Wisconsin Stout Emergency Evacuation Harness on the set of Sewing With Nancy

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In Seams Unlikely, I share the story of my life and career and how it’s connected with dots. My family, friends, coworkers, and viewers have all contributed dots that have impacted my life and propelled my career.

Connect_The_Dots_Nancy_Zieman_Seams_UnlikelyMost recently, at Seams Unlikely eventsmy life has been impacted by you—you sharing dots (stories) of how reading Seams Unlikely has stirred memories of how the sewing and/or quilting community has affected your life. Nancy_Zieman_Seams_Unlikely_Book_SigningSarah Anne (sash) Hazlewood shared, “I started quilting a couple of years ago & found your video on You tube. No Google required—I recognized the source of your beautiful smile right away. My mother had Bell’s Palsy while pregnant with me. She would barely agree to be in photos—and there you were on You tube! It brought happy tears to my eyes. I was delighted to see you this weekend in Puyallup. Now I know that you are, in person, clever & humble & funny & sweet. Your talk inspired my quilting & your courage makes my heart sing.”

Mary Green shared, “Nancy, I have enjoyed watching your sewing program on local PBS stations in several states while we were an active-duty Army family. And, I learned so much from you. Thank you for all you’ve taught me and others. Our daughter is now designing and selling her own line of children’s clothing, and she learned to sew from me, so I’ve passed on a lot of what you taught me. God bless…”

Terri shared, Thanks for your years of dedication to all of your viewers. My grandmothers began teaching me sewing at a very young age, but both passed away too soon. You have continued to teach all of us in a way that gives us the tools for success in many projects. I quit sewing for some years because of a difficult life situation, but was encouraged to begin again while I began to watch your shows once again. Thank you..”

Susan shared, “Dear Nancy, I have enjoyed watching your TV show for many years. In fact, looking forward to it helped me get through many a hard work week. I have many of your books, DVDs, etc., but this book is like the icing on the cake. Getting to know you—the Nancy behind the camera—will be great. I am already in tears watching the video and reading the sample chapter. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.”

Thank you to the sewers, quilters, and machine embroiderers of our community. Thank you for providing dots, sharing dots, and connecting dots within our community.

Read a Seams Unlikely sample chapter online or view the video

I’ve written a lot of books, but this is the first book without a single sewing or quilting tip or technique. To read a sample chapter, visit and click on “The Book”.

Or, view this short video.

There’s a lot more in the book!

Seams Unlikely is a  300 page book with an extra 16-page section of photos. The book is now available in stores. For a listing of stores/web sites where Seams Unlikely is available, visit and click on ”Where to Purchase”.


A portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to adoption services.

Read an online article from Book Fun Magazine, see page 52.

Ebooks now available

Seams Unlikely is now available at Amazon for Kindle readers, on Google Play for Android devices, at Barnes and Noble for the Nook and from Apple in iBook formats. Enter search words, “Seams Unlikely”.

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