Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons Eileen Roche Nancy Zieman

Six lessons, it’s usually a great start in learning a new skill set—be it dancing, Zumba, or hang gliding! (Anyone hang glide?)  That same 6-lesson approach can easily be applied to the creative skill that Sewing With Nancy guest has mastered. Eileen Roche, editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine, joins Nancy in this week’s online featured Sewing With Nancy video, part two of Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons.

Last week, the NZP blog featured the first video in this series, showcasing Lessons 1–3. You can also watch the first episode online if you missed seeing it last week. Now it’s time for the final three lessons.

Lesson #4: Hooping

The fourth lesson showcases hooping. Hooping the fabric and stabilizer is like buckling-up for a car trip. It’s got to be done, and it’s got to be done right!

Eileen teaches a hands-on class called 50 Ways to Hoop Fabric. Who knew there’d be so many ways to position fabric in a hoop? We didn’t go over the 50 techniques during this Sewing With Nancy TV series, but we did show some of the most common hooping techniques. My two personal favorite techniques involve using an ironing board and shelf liner!

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy zieman

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy zieman

Lesson #5: Embroidering

It’s the fifth of 6 lessons and it’s finally time to sit at the machine and sew! Embroidering is the fifth lesson, and it can be as simple as pushing a button. But before giving that button a tap, there are a few more checks and balances to review.

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy zieman

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy zieman

Lesson #6: Finishing Tips

All of your planning and preparation in the first five lessons have brought you to this point, lesson #6—the Finishing Tips! The steps are simple, but important, and then you can enjoy your accomplishment. Critiquing the design, removing the stabilizer, trimming the threads—all seem obvious, but there are hints that accompany each step.

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy ziemanIn her book, Eileen added presentation as part of lesson #6! If you’re giving away your embroidered creation, take time to make the packaging as pretty as the embroidery.

machine embroidery in 6 easy lessons eileen roche nancy zieman

Watch Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons (Episode One and Episode Two) on Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win a copy of Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons from Eileen Roche, simply leave a comment sharing which type of item is your favorite to feature embroidery designs.

Machine Embroidery in Six Easy Steps by Elieen Roche and Nancy Zieman

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