Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery Mary Mulari

by guest blogger, Mary Mulari–designer of Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD

Ever since I began to embroider on my computerized embroidery machine I have been a collector of stitched-out designs. For designs in the 4″ x 4″ format size, I stitch on a 9″ fabric square and then add each completed design to my embroidery stash. I always stitch on first quality fabric, even if I’m experimenting with different threads or colors. Testing the 30 designs for my new Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD resulted in a great selection to feature on the three accessory projects also included on the CD

The accessory projects that you can quickly create are the Spectacles Eyeglass Holder, Fat Quarter Hanger Cover, and Bright Lights Big City Luggage Tag.

Fat Quarter Hanger Cover

I sewed the Fat Quarter Hanger Cover with its zipper pocket for storing valuable items during travel. I liked the bright pink fabric I’d chosen, but I knew it would be a smarter, more personalized gift if I added an embroidery. I call it, Add-Later Embroidery.

With easy access through the zipper opening, I was able to stitch the circle shape, which I embroidered with a three-airplane frame and my sister Rachel’s initial.

To make the circle edges smooth, I traced a 3″ diameter circle around the design, added a piece of fabric to the embroidery with right sides together, and sewed around the circle. I made a careful cut into the back fabric piece, trimmed away a 2″ circle in the center, and turned the fabrics right side out. After pressing the edges, I placed the embroidered circle on the hanger cover and sewed it in place. That’s what I mean by Add-Later Embroidery.

Spectacles Eyeglass Holder

For the Spectacles Eyeglass Holder, I chose the shampoo girl design stitched on orange fabric from my embroidery stash. It turned into an interesting pocket to store a pen or business cards. To make the pocket more durable, I fused a piece of lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the design.

Bright Lights, Big City Luggage Tag

The Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD includes words and phrases to embroider. They’re quick to stitch and fun trims. Here’s one I stitched by placing my fabric at an angle in the hoop. It’s ready to be made into the Bright Lights Big City Luggage Tag.

Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery Mary Mulari

I like to use shoelaces as luggage tag ties. I shop for colorful and patterned laces and add them to another stash in my sewing room! They turn out to be strong ties, but no matter what I choose for the ties, I always stitch many times over the ends of the ties. They’re sure to stay connected to the tags this way. This is another one of the quotes on the CD. Do you remember asking this question of your parents? On the back of the tag is a vinyl pocket that holds your identification/business card.

Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery Mary Mulari

Knowing that I wanted to make a special bag for all the cords and chargers that travel with me, I stitched the cords design on a piece of double quilted fabric. Here you see that I turned my embroidery into the front side of the Fan Wristlet Bag, a project from Travel Gear Made Easy, the book I wrote, which is currently being featured on two Sewing with Nancy programs. The embroidery CD designs were created with the book’s projects in mind as they feature lots of different travel themes, including a cat that jumped into an open suitcase!

Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery Mary MulariWithout the assistance and guidance of the DESIGNS IN MACHINE EMBROIDERY editor Eileen Roche, and her staff, this embroidery CD would still be just an idea in my head. There are 30 designs and three bonus projects included in this collection!

Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD by Mary Mulari

It’s a companion CD to coordinate with my Travel Gear Made Easy book. I hope you’ll incorporate these embroideries on gifts for yourself and for others–they add style to any accessory.

Travel Gear Made Easy by Mary MulariNote from Nancy

Thanks, Mary, for joining us this month as a guest blogger! You can watch Mary and me online or on PBS. Watch the first episode as well as the second episode of the 2-part Sewing With Nancy series, Travel Gear Made Easy.

Nancy's GiveawayFor a chance to win a copy of Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD ($35.99 value) do a little wishful thinking! Where would you travel to with your embroidered travel gear? (I’d like to go to Yosemite National Park!) We’ll choose a random winner on Tuesday, February 26th.

Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD by Mary Mulari

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