This week on—the site that features or links you to all things Sewing With Nancy, the new featured video is Designer Handbags, part two. If you didn’t watch Designer Handbags, part one, it’s also available online along with 51 other Sewing With Nancy shows!

The brain storming behind this 2-part series began with a simple question: What if? As Eileen Roche and I worked together on a TV show outline, we pondered…What if we embroidered and stitched the bag closure totally in the hoop?

Those of you with embroidery machines know the wonder of decorative embroidery. Yet, those clever embroidery machines can equally be programmed to straight stitch. So here’s a summary of the What if results that you can watch on Public TV, or online, during Designer Handbags, part two.

Fascinating Tab Closure

There are three tab embroidery designs in the Designer Handbags collection. Here’s an abbreviated tutorial on how the marquee tab design is sewn/embroidered totally in the hoop!

There are two embroideries to create the tab: outer and inner tabs.

  • Embroider the inner tab. Notice that the snap placement is part of the embroidery! Also, there are a few hash-mark stitches. Hmm, interesting!


  • Remove the fabric from the hoop; add a magnetic snap. Cut around the shape, allowing for a 1/2″ seam allowance.


  • Embroider the outer tab. I layered cotton batting and the silk fabric in the hoop and stitched the outer tab. It’s an attractive design, but notice again that it has hash-mark stitches at the sides and along the top and bottom!


  • Align the inner tab to the outer tab (which is still in the hoop), right sides together. Align the hash-mark stitches. Tape along the outer tab edges. Now you see why the hash-mark stitches are included! The very last embroidery is the seam—so simple it’s fascinating!

  • Remove embroidery from the hoop, trim away the excess seam allowances, and turn right side out. Ta Da!

Here’s a Designer Handbag embroidery featuring the Marquee Tab.


Another featured bag, this time with the Scalloped Tab design.

Designer Handbags by nancy zieman and eileen roche

In the Designer Handbags product, you’ll receive 28 embroidery designs, a 30+ minute video (different from the TV show), and instructions from Eileen and…well, you know who. (The embroidery formats include: ART, C2S, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, and XXX.)

Designer Handbags Eileen Roche & Nancy Zieman

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