It’s confession time. In the past when I wanted an embroidery design enlarged, merged, modified—all very doable tasks—I took the easiest way out possible and asked one of my coworkers to do it for me—that was easy! Sure, I knew how, but I usually needed a refresher course.

As of late, I easily make the changes myself without the need of a refresher course. Why? Baby Lock sent me their new embroidery software, Embroidery Works Everyday,  and asked that I present a video on the topic. “Sure I’d be glad to do that,” I enthusiastically said, thinking that one of my coworkers would walk me through the process. But then I decided that it was time to be a self-sufficient embroiderer.

It took me about 2-hours to learn. Period. And, I did it with just the manual. After a little practice, I taped the video. Why not watch for yourself!

My three favorite features of Embroidery Works Everyday

  • Sizing

I learned that you can resize a design down to 50% or up to 250% of the original design. The software recalculates the stitches as you interactively transform them. That’s a wow feature!

Designer's Gallery Embroidery Works Everyday

  • Monogramming and Lettering

For fast and easy Monogram setup, you have 44 built-in fonts to layout your design, including Vertical, Square, Oval, and Diamond. The included Fonts can be made far larger—some up to 8″ tall.

You can adjust the font, color, size, aspect, center, rotation, mirroring, slant, kerning, layout, stagger, sequence . . . and the list goes on!

Designer's Gallery Embroidery Works Everyday

  • Merging

I think the photo says it all. It’s amazing what you can do with just a click of an icon.

Designer's Gallery Embroidery Works Everyday

Check out Embroidery Works Everyday at your favorite Baby Lock Dealer.

Designer's Gallery Embroidery Works Everyday

No, I don’t embroider everyday. But when I do, I no longer need a refresher course. My coworkers are delighted!

Bye for now,

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