Embroidery tips on hooping fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing WIth Nancy, Hoop it Up

My featured TV guest likes to compare machine embroidery to cooking. When cooking you follow the recipe, purchase the ingredients, but sometimes you tweak the process. That’s what happens with machine embroidery; you learn to adjust the hooping technique, design, and/or stabilizer to fit the project.

Marie Zinno, embroidery professional and author, is my guest during this two-part series, Hoop It Up—Guide to Successful Machine Embroidery. You can watch the second episode online.

Embroidery Hooping Recipe

Learning the proper and efficient way to hoop fabrics or projects will guarantee embroidery success. In this Spa Day grouping, the tote, slippers, and cosmetic case all require a specific hooping recipe. You might think that these projects aren’t easy to embroider, but with our tips you’ll find the winning embroidery recipe.

  • Mark the center of the tote, between the handles.
  • Align a target ruler with the center mark. 
  • Place a target sticker in the opening.

Note from Nancy: Target stickers have an adhesive on the back and generally stick to fabric. The fabric used in our ready-made tote was pretreated with an anti-stain finish—the sticker didn’t stick. We held it in place with office tape. Improvise!

Embroidery tips on hooping fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing WIth Nancy, Hoop it UpEmbroidery tips on hooping fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing WIth Nancy, Hoop it Up

  • Use a standard hoop or a Snap Hoop to hoop the fabric. If using a standard hoop, back the fabric with a poly-mesh stabilizerWith the Snap Hoop, a stabilizer isn’t needed.

Note from Nancy: Often when I feature a magnetic project on Sewing With Nancy, I receive emails of concern. Not to worry, unless your computerized sewing machine is disassembled, there is no fear of damage to your machine. 

Embroidery tips using a snap hoop, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing With Nancy

  • Turn the tote inside out. Hoop the fabric.
  • Insert the hoop in the embroidery unit. Watch online as Marie and I embroider this tote. One of the many tricks to embroidering a ready-made tote or bag is to turn it inside out.

Embroidery tips on hooping fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing WIth Nancy, Hoop it Up

Layered Monograms

During this program, you’ll also learn how to layer the monograms. We used a font called Cannes, which is found in the software Monogram It!. Save two separate files in the machine’s memory; in this instance the “A” and “Anna.” Marie has easy tips on merging the files.

Monogram It! Layered monograms, Sewing WIth Nancy Zieman

There’s More to Learn

The spa slippers and waffle-weave cosmetic case are next to be embroidered. Watch to find out how.

Embroidery tips on hooping fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing WIth Nancy, Hoop it Up

It’s time to wrap up this two-part series on Hoop It Up. A special thank you to Marie Zinno for sharing her embroidery expertise with us.

99 Tips for Embroidery Success in Hoop It Up, a book by Marie Zinno and Eileen Roche

Marie and co-author Eileen Roche have teamed up to show you how professionals hoop over 30 projects.

  • Learn a different approach to hooping over 30 projects—both flat and tubular.
  • Use either a standard hoop or a user-friendly magnetic hoop.
  • Read and learn from two embroidery professionals.
  • Inside the 80 page spiral bound book you’ll find embroidery positioning tools that you can use again and again:
    • Angle Finder
    • 4″ Target Ruler (two versions)
    • 7″ Target Ruler (two versions)
    • Target Stickers

Hoop it Up—Guide to Successful Machine Embroidery, Marie Zinno, Eileen Roche

Watch Hoop It Up—Guide to Successful Embroidery (Part One and Part Two) on Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win the Hoop It Up—Guide to Successful Embroidery  from Designs In Machine Embroidery (DIME),  please leave a comment telling us your favorite baby item to embroider.

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