Nancy Zieman Baking Cookies with her Grandaughters in I Sew For FunEnjoy creative moments with the youth in your life while sewing super-simple aprons. They will be so proud to say, “I made this”.  Make coordinating aprons from fabric squares. The instructions are detailed in Nancy’s book, I Sew For Fun—which includes twenty projects designed by Nancy—for you to sew with your little partner.

 How to Make an Apron

Supplies Needed:

1/2 yd. Fabric A—child apron front (3/4 yd. Fabric A—adult apron front)

1/2 yd. Fabric B—child apron back (3/4 yd. Fabric B—adult apron back)

1/4 yd. 1/4-inch wide double-sided fusible web tape

3 yd. 1/4-inch wide ribbon (apron ties)


Note From Team Nancy     Use the width of the presser foot as the depth of the seam allowance.


1. Cut fabric squares.

  • Small Apron (age 5 and under): Cut a 14-inch square of Fabric A and Fabric B.
  • Medium Apron (age 6 and up): Cut a 17-inch square of Fabric A and Fabric B.
  • Adult Apron: Cut a 24-inch square of Fabric A and Fabric B.

 How to Make an Apron

2. Stitch apron.

  • Align cut edges of Fabric A and Fabric B squares, right sides together.

How to Make an Apron

  • Stitch side seams.
  • Wrap seams toward the center, folding along the stitching lines. Stitch seam, starting at the fold to stitch upper seam.
  • Stitch lower seam, starting at the fold. Leave a 4–6-inch opening in the lower seam for turning.

 How to Make an Apron

  • Turn apron right side out, using a Point 2 Point turning tool to push out corners. Press.

How to Make an Apron

  •  Place a small 1/4-inch x 4–6-inch strip of Lite EZ Steam II or another fusible webbing in the opening of the apron. Press; remove paper. Press seam.

How to Make an Apron

3. Make casings and add ties.

  • Fold a triangle at top corner, measuring from fold to tip of triangle; press.

- 4-inch for small apron

- 5-inch for medium apron

- 6-inch for large apron

 How to Make an Apron

  • On back side, fold over 1-inch on two adjacent edges.  Secure with pins or Wonder Clips.

How to Make an Apron

  • Topstitch 1/8-inch from open edge to form casings.
  • Using a Clip ‘n Glide Bodkin, insert ribbon at lower edge of first casing and continue through upper edge of second casing to form neck strap. Allow enough ribbon for apron ties.

Note From Team Nancy      Show your little partner how to use the Clip ’n Glide Bodkin to easily insert the ribbon. He/She will love to use the “alligator clip” to feed the ribbon into the apron!How to Make an Apron

Enjoy creative moments with the youth in your life while sharing your love for sewing. Watch I Sew For Fun on Sewing With Nancy.

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