Favorite Sewing Book Nancy ZiemanAs I was standing at my book shelf filled with sewing and quilting books looking for inspiration for this blog, I spotted the first sewing book that I bought while in college, “The Vogue Sewing Book.” On a shoestring budget, this book in the early 70s carried a price tag of around $20, that was a big expenditure for me!

Paging though the techniques, brought back great memories and recollections of all the times that I have referenced this book—then and now. I spotted an underlined section under the Concealed Plackets technique. I can just see in my mind’s eye the blouse that I made with that tip!

Favorite Sewing Book Nancy Zieman

The photos are very telling of the era.

Favorite Sewing Book Nancy Zieman

This flashback, prompted me to ask, “What’s Your Favorite Sewing or Quilting Book?” Post your book choice below and tell me why it’s your favorite! I’m always on the search for inspiration and ideas.

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