Be the Difference, Embroider the Cure, Nancy ZiemanSeptember is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Usually I begin a blog posting with sewing, quilting, or embroidery techniques and tips. This time I thought it would be appropriate to begin by passing along the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Be Aware

In some cases, ovarian cancer may cause early symptoms. The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer as reported by Mount Sinai Hospital include:

  •     Abdominal Bloating
  •     Feeling full quickly while eating
  •     Pelvic or abdominal pain or pressure
  •     Urinary urgency or frequency
  •     Changes in bowel habits
  •     Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge
  •     Back pain
  •     Unexplained weight gain or loss
  •     If you have one or more of these symptoms, and it occurs almost daily for more than two or three weeks, talk with your doctor.

Be The Difference

The Be The Difference Organization supports ovarian cancer research. One of its fundraising programs includes the Embroider a Cure embroidery collection with 20 support-ribbon embroidery designs. A portion of the proceeds from the Embroider a Cure embroidery collection goes to the Be The Difference Organization,

Embroider a cure Nancy Zieman

Be Creative!

Use the embroidery designs to add awareness. Here’s how I embellished a scarf.

  • First, I hooped the scarf with a wash-away stabilizer behind the fabric. (You can’t see the stabilizer in this photo, but you’ll see it in a later photo.)
  • After printing out the template of the embroidery design, I positioned it at an angle on my scarf.

Embroider for a Cure Nancy Zieman

  •  I placed a positioning sticker on the fabric directly underneath the crossmark on the template. This is Baby Lock’s positioning sticker, but you can use other versions.

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

  • After attaching the hoop to my machine’s embroidery unit, I depressed the scanning feature. The camera in my Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold looked for the positioning sticker and aligned the embroidery at the same angle. When the machine embroidered the design, it was just where I wanted it—a pretty amazing feature!


Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

  • At this point, the machine was ready to stitch the embroidery at the same angle that I determined.

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

  • I added a topping stabilizer, a water-soluble stabilizer Office tape is how I kept it in place!
  • All that was left was to depress the Start button.

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

  • After the embroidery was complete, I tore away the water-soluble topping stabilizer and spritzed the remaining stabilizer with water to remove the excess.

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman

  • I removed the fabric from the hoop and cut away the excess stabilizer on the back of the design. Note: You can immerse the fabric in water to remove the excess water-soluble stabilizer, providing the scarf fabric is washable!

Embroider a Cure Nancy Zieman Love my Scarf blog Tour

Be the Difference, Embroider the Cure, Nancy ZiemanFor more ideas on using the Embroider a Cure Design Pack view my earlier post, Sew A Makeup Bag that makes a Difference.

In Memory

Helen Gardner founded the Be the Difference Foundation. In three years, the foundation has raised over one million dollars for ovarian cancer research and awareness. Very sadly, Helen passed away on August 20, 2014. Click here to read a touching tribute to Helen, a valiant crusader of ovarian cancer research and awareness, by her friend and mine Eileen Roche.

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