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A scarf is a fantastic accessory all year around. Light scraves for the spring and summer. Heavy scarves for the winter and fall. Nancy Zieman has blog posts, tutorials and Sewing With Nancy episodes to create fun scarves.

Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf Sewing Tutorial at the Nancy Zieman Productions Blog

NEW! Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf Sewing Tutorial by Nancy Zieman Productions

NEW! Sew our Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf! Stitch a versatile Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf from two rectangles of Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric and you’ll have fashion accessory that can be worn three different ways! Deanna, from Team NZP, choose our Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric in Navy and Gray – for her first Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf sewing project.  Option One: Wear our NEW! NZP Colorblocked Turtleneck Scarf … Continue Reading

Turtleneck Scarf Sewing Tutorial by Nancy Zieman Productions at the NZP Blog

NEW! Turtleneck Scarf Sewing Tutorial by Nancy Zieman Productions

NEW! Sew a Turtleneck Scarf for chilly spring days, and have built-in convenience for pulling scarf up over nose and mouth – during brisk morning walks with cool spring winds. Be sure to choose a Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric with 5% Spandex for your Turtleneck Scarf sewing project. This lightweight stretch cotton knit fabric provides … Continue Reading

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FREE! Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Sewing Tutorial by Team NZP

Stitch a warm and snuggly winter scarf with our FREE! Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Sewing Tutorial by Team NZP. If you’re in a cold climate, like the NZP Team in Wisconsin, you’re already familiar with “bundling up before heading out”. Take on winter in style with our Infinity Scarf! Yes, you can make a fabulous … Continue Reading


Nancy Zieman’s Favorite Scarves to Sew

Sew a Scarf in an evening or less! Long or short—square or rectangle—scarves are fashion statements that are as enjoyable to create, as they are to wear. Best of all, they can be created in a variety of fabrics and a minimal investment of time. Throughout the seasons of Sewing With Nancy, you’ve seen Nancy … Continue Reading

Learn to sew a Sensational Scarf | Spiral Scarf | Easy Technique with Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Sew a Spiral Scarf for any Season

As many of you know, I have an affinity for scarves. Not only are they so easy to make but they are so versatile to wear. Choosing seasonal fabric can take the same scarf design from winter to spring. One of my favorite scarves is the Spiral Scarf which I demonstrated on the Sensational Scarves Series (Part … Continue Reading


My Most Popular Scarf Tutorial

It’s almost scarf season, which reminds me to share our most popular scarf-sewing blog posting! With a serger, a 1/2 yard of fabric, and a little elastic, you’ll soon be wearing a new scarf. If you’re a Sewing With Nancy viewer, you know that sewing scarves is not a new topic for me. During my miniseries on … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman Shows How To Sew an Easy Scarf

How to Sew a Spiral Scarf Tutorial

What begins as crosswise fabric strips, ends up in a completely bias scarf. Curious? It’s easy to sew a bias, spiral scarf with a little sewing savvy. My first recommendation is for you to watch or read the original scarf instructions. The book is Sensational Scarves and it features a total of 14 scarf options. You can watch part … Continue Reading


Still More Sew Amazing Scarves

Today I’m featuring the third episode of my Sewing With Nancy TV series, Sew Amazing Scarves. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned sewist, I’m almost certain that I have a style for you. Sew Amazing Scarves is this week’s online Sewing With Nancy feature. Watch online, on PBS, or DVD. As in the past two weeks, vote for your favorite style. A random winner will … Continue Reading


Six Amazing Scarves to Sew

If you are itchin‘ to sew, but don’t think you have the time, make a scarf. This week, part two of  Sew Amazing Scarves is the featured online, streaming video where you’ll see how to create six scarf options. Listed below are the scarf designs. Vote for your favorite and you could be the random winner … Continue Reading


Sew Amazing Scarves–Vote For Your Favorite

Grab a yard of fun fabric, set your machine for a straight stitch or use your serger, and within an hour, you’ll be able to sew an amazing scarf. The sewing is absolutely easy, plus you’ll make a fashion statement. Sew Amazing Scarves, 3-part Sewing With Nancy series, is this week’s online Sewing With Nancy feature. Watch online, on PBS, or … Continue Reading

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