Using your serger sewing machine for serging finished seams is only one of the many projects Nancy Zieman shows you in these popular blog posts and Sewing With Nancy episodes. Learn how to finish seams, apply decorative texture and create using a serger.

Sew Knit Coordinates- Start to Finish Part Two on Sewing With Nancy

Sew Knit Coordinates – Start to Finish Part Two on Sewing With Nancy

Learn the basics of sewing a knit top, pants, and a skirt on part two of Sew a Knit Wardrobe from Start to Finish on Sewing With Nancy. Less is better! That statement can be applied to many aspects of life, including sewing knits. During this second episode on sewing knits from start to finish, I’d like … Continue Reading

Sew a knit wardrobe start to finish with tips from Sewing With Nancy's Nancy Zieman

Sew Knit Coordinates—Start to Finish

While I like trying new sewing and quilting techniques, there’s something irresistible about sewing the basics. Going back to my sewing roots, these next two episodes are all about sewing knits. You’ll get a chance to sew, then mix and match four classic wardrobe pieces in my new two-part series, Sew a Knit Wardrobe from … Continue Reading

Learn to Sew the Absolute Easiest Way to Finish Seams by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Tips on Troubleshooting Tension to Seam Finishes

Sewing basics—that’s the feature of today’s blog. Adjusting the sewing machine’s tension, stitching basic knit or woven seams, and seam finishing options. You can’t get more basic than this! Troubleshooting Tension Balanced stitches are generally easy to achieve if the sewing machine is properly threaded. There may be a time that the top thread and … Continue Reading

Use your serger for decorative finishes by Nancy Zieman

Decorative Serged Seams—Front and Center

A single-layer jacket can easily be sewn and serged with ease when choosing knit fleece or a Ponte knit fabric. Perfect for three-season enjoyment, the Cape Cod Jacket Pattern has perfect style lines to showcase serger stitches. I’d like to show you how I used a serged seam as a feature on this casual jacket. … Continue Reading

Tips to solver serger tension dilemmas by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Solving Serger Dilemmas

The serger is an invaluable tool when sewing knit garments. It has so many uses besides knits, though. Change the tension settings on your serger to create different stitches and finishes. The serger is a wonderful tool. But what happens when the tension is out of whack? It can be quite frustrating. Follow these tips … Continue Reading


Serge a Colorful Fabric Bin

Serge this fast and fun fabric bin—an ideal project for 10-inch precut fabric squares. 10-inch precuts are also known as 10-inch Stackers, Crackers, Layer Cakes, Patty-Cakes, Storybooks, and Ten Squares! If you’ve been wondering what to do with 10-inch precuts, start by selecting four 10-inch precut squares and celebrate National Serger Month with some one-on-one time with … Continue Reading

Hat Ladies Charity Sewing Opportunity by Nancy Daly and Nancy Zieman

Sew To Give—The Hat Ladies

Nancy Daly is the enthusiastic coordinator of the busy Hat Ladies. Make that Hat Ladies and Gentlemen, as two men have recently joined the group! The Hat Ladies project was featured on a segment of Nancy’s Corner on Sewing With Nancy in hopes that you’ll be encouraged to sew hats for children in your community. Nancy Daly recently emailed with … Continue Reading

M7252 Easy-to-Sew Pullover Shirt Pattern by Nancy Zieman | McCalls Pattern Company

Serge a Warm Pullover Top

I truly love to sew; yet my schedule—like yours—doesn’t always allow time for this pleasure. When designing and making this trio of knit tops, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to cut out the pattern and sew the top during an afternoon. Follow these streamline steps included in the pattern and you, too, … Continue Reading

M7252 Easy-to-Sew Pullover Shirt Pattern by Nancy Zieman | McCalls Pattern Company

Sew a Versatile Fall Pullover

Contemporary, seasonal, and absolutely easy-to-sew are some of the favorite elements about my new sewing pattern from The McCall Pattern Company. M7252 can be made in three styles; all featuring a sophisticated cowl neckline. Using the softest knit fabrics, this comfortable top will be a complementary addition to your wardrobe. In options A and B, styles … Continue Reading

Sew a T-Shirt Dress with Pamela Leggitt and Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Sew a Comfy, Classic T-Dress

It’s all about sewing the perfect tee during this Sewing With Nancy mini-series. Whether a tee top or a classic tee dress, the same fitting, sewing, and designing techniques apply. Pattern designer Pamela Leggett joins me for the second episode of Sewing The Perfect T-Shirt, this time concentrating on making a dress. Watch online, on DVD, or … Continue Reading

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