Seams Unlikely


Seams Unlikely: The Inspiring True Life Story of Nancy Zieman. This book is now available. Follow Nancy’s amazing story.


Seams Unlikely—Book Club Ideas

When Cheryl from our book club asked me on the side what I thought about choosing my autobiography, Seams Unlikely, as the next book choice, I quickly said, I don’t think so! Having my friends and acquaintance discuss my life in my presence would be comparable to wearing a skimpy swimming suit on a public beach. … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman Seams Unlikely Autobiography

Meet Nancy Zieman on the Seams Unlikely Book Tour

Google made me do it! That’s the reason I wrote my autobiography, Seams Unlikely! It all started after searching Google to see what was listed under my name. “Nancy Zieman Stroke, Nancy Zieman Face, Nancy Zieman Smile” were some of the top searched hits. After picking my ego up from the floor, I realized that Sewing With Nancy viewers … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman - Version 2

Seams Unlikely—Nancy Zieman Explains Why She Wrote An Autobiography

It ended up being a watershed day when I keyed  “Nancy Zieman” into the Google search box. The terms “Nancy Zieman face,” “Nancy Zieman stroke,” and “Nancy Zieman smile” instantly popped up. My first reaction was embarrassment. Then I thought, “What—not a mention of sewing or quilting!” That casual search caused me to pause, think, … Continue Reading

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