Trace’n Create Bag Templates


See a collection of sewing and quilting projects featuring the Trace’n Create Bag Templates.

Designer Border Print Bag | Hobo Tote by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Designer Handbag Sewing Tips

Plan your next bag around a border-print fabric! Fussy cutting fabric isn’t just for quilting. Inspired by a designer handbag, Nancy knew a readily-available border-print will make quick work of the fussy cutting. If you aren’t familiar with the term, fussy-cut, it means to feature a certain portion of the textile print in your sewing design. … Continue Reading

Handbag sewing tips Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

1 Handbag Sewing Pattern—5 Different Options!

Handbags—many of us are obsessed with them. We have bags for travel, totes for shopping, and handbags for special occasions. It’s no wonder that I’m asked sewing questions each week on how to create bags. To share innovative tips and handbag sewing upgrades, I’ve devoted a two-part Sewing With Nancy series that you can watch … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman's Favorite Handbags Sewing Techniques

Nancy’s Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques

Weekly, one of the top searched topics on my blog site is how to sew handbags. Even though I’ve presented numerous Sewing With Nancy programs on the topic, I am glad that you want more bag sewing tips. Why? I too enjoy creating handbags and totes. Welcome to a new season of Sewing With Nancy to my … Continue Reading

Ribbon City Bag | Nancy Zieman | Renaissance Ribbons

Sew with Ribbons—Renaissance Ribbon Bags

While shopping online for handbag inspirations, my eye caught a bag decked out with ribbon—I also caught the price—$1,300. I knew we had the perfect inspiration to create a bag with my  new line of Renaissance Ribbons at a fraction of the cost. I never imagined designing a ribbon collection; it was a challenging and creative … Continue Reading


It’s Great Fun to Sew Handbags!

I know, you’re never going to sew five handbags from the same fabric collection. Yet, I thought you might be interested to see how prints and solids combine to create classy bags and totes. First, the Fabric! We received fabric yardage from the new collections at Riley Blake Designs. It was like Christmas! At first I … Continue Reading

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