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A Community of Sewing Connects the Dots

Sewing is not a solitary craft. Sewing is a community. Our grandmothers’ sewing bees, church bazaars, and even modern-day sewing or quilting guilds and retreats are all sewing communities. Much like my teaching career and business—not solitary—made possible by a community of people helping me—you helping me. Another example of a sewing community is Nancy’s … Continue Reading

The National Declaration Freedom Quilt of America by National Quilting Bee

National Declaration Freedom Quilt of America

Recently Michelle Costen, a fellow quilter and blogger, contacted me to let me know about her inspiring quilting project, The National Declaration Freedom Quilt of America, “One Nation Coming Together in One Quilt,” by the National Quilting Bee. Beginner and advanced quilters from across America are sewing 12-1/2″ appliquéd quilt blocks. Some of the blocks are more … Continue Reading


Volunteer Sewing Groups Where Fabric is Always Welcome

Wow. Who knew that blogging about cleaning my sewing closet would bring the largest response of viewers ever! The blog was titled, Give Your Aging Fabric Stash a New Home! It seems it got many of you inspired to sew or donate some of your stash to a charitable cause. I thank you for wanting to … Continue Reading

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How Sewists Can Help Those Affected by Oklahoma Tornado

I had the privilege of meeting an incredible woman and her organization as I interviewed her for a Nancy’s Corner segment of Sewing With Nancy. Sue Rock is the Founder/Director of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., an internationally acclaimed textile charity committed to supporting the lives of survivors of domestic violence! You can watch my interview with Sue online. Recently Sue Rock emailed me with … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman Quilt to Give

Quilt to Give Encore at Quilt Expo

Last year at Quilt Expo, 30 bed-size quilts were generously donated to the Quilt to Give community service project. Plus, an additional 10 quilts were stitched and completed by Quilt Expo attendees! All of these quilts were sent to St. John’s Hospital in Joplin, MO. They were given to families and individuals who lost their … Continue Reading


10 Volunteer Sewing & Quilting Groups

Sewing and quilting enthusiasts have been sewing for others in need since the invention of needle and thread. You name it, blankets, quilts, hats, mittens, dresses, layettes, are just a few of the many types of projects that have been made with love by those of us who love to sew! Every year I try … Continue Reading

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