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Nancy Zieman’s How To Sew will help you make an assortment of stitched projects. Featured projects include everything from garment and apparel sewing, to home decor, organization and toys. See How To Sew on Nancy Zieman’s blog and on her Sewing With Nancy episodes.


Elastic – Sew it the Absolute Easiest Way!

Okay, the above picture doesn’t look like much. That’s the point! It’s the easiest way to sew elastic to a waistline without the telltale topstitching of an elastic waistline. Over the years, Nancy tweaked and personalized sewing techniques.  Her favorites are collated in the book, The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew. She shares a bonus technique for … Continue Reading


More Travel Gear Made Easy

If you like creative stitching projects that can be made in an evening or less? You’re in for a treat! In part two of the TV series, Travel Gear Made Easy, this week’s featured online video, guest Mary Mulari teaches how to quickly stitch travel gear for everyday travel or extended trips. Mary knows all about travel, … Continue Reading

Travel Gear Made Easy

Travel Gear Made Easy

Nancy met Mary Mulari early in her career at a seminar that she was presenting in Minnesota. Mary introduced Nancy to her decorated sweatshirt patterns, a novel idea back then. She didn’t limit her repertoire to embellishing sweatshirts—no, far from it! Each season Mary joined Nancy on Sewing With Nancy for another clever sewing topic. This … Continue Reading


More Easy Fleecy Accessories

This Sewing With Nancy spotlight is part two of Fast and Fleecy Accessories. Made without traditional sewing patterns, the accessories that Nancy details in the TV series are simple, yet very practical, you could easily say fun! When you tune in to the show you’ll find the first project featured is a comfy scarf with muff-like pockets. … Continue Reading


Sew More Stylish Doll Clothes in 30-Minutes

  Raising two boys, sewing doll clothes wasn’t on Nancy’s radar. So when Joan Hinds  approached her on the topic of sewing doll clothes as a Sewing With Nancy topic, Nancy had to stop and think. Wow, she hadn’t thought of that before! Joan’s take on the topic is to make simple styles in 30 minutes! … Continue Reading


Ten Tips I Learned About Sewing the Perfect T-Shirt

The greatest benefit of my job is one-on-one lessons from sewing, embroidery, and quilting experts. When preparing for a TV series, my guests and I plan the series months in advance. After a quick study of the technique, book, or pattern, we have several phone conferences, I prepare scripts, the guest and my staff make … Continue Reading

Pattern Fitting with Confidence | Learning Pattern Ease | Nancy Zieman

Pattern Ease: The Wiggle Room You Need

September is National Sewing Month and I thought it would be fitting to celebrate by mentioning some tips and tricks to address pattern ease when reading a pattern and constructing the garment. How do you find out the amount of ease in a pattern? (Ease is the difference between the measurement that the pattern was designed to … Continue Reading

11 - Version 2

Sewing Prescription for a Broken Zipper

Replacing a broken zipper, mending jeans, sewing on buttons—those tasks get a 2-thumbs down rating in my book under the topic of sewing entertainment! These repairs are important, but they don’t have to be difficult. In this new 2-part Sewing With Nancy series, I’m taking a lighter approach to fixing what’s broken, while breaking most of the … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman | Swing Jacket | McCall Pattern Company M7210

Finish an Easy-to-Sew Swing Jacket

Sewing a jacket may sound overwhelming, but not so when you use my new pattern, from The McCall Pattern Company. The swing style with asymmetrical or cropped styling is flattering to wear and best of all, streamlined to sew. In last week’s blog you learned how to construct the basic jacket—shoulders, sleeves, and side seams. Today, … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman | Swing Jacket | McCall Pattern Company M7210

Make an Easy-to-Sew Swing Jacket

Effortless. That’s the word that best describes my new sewing pattern from The McCall Pattern Company. There are just a few main pattern pieces to this jacket—front, back, sleeves, plus facings— yet the style flows with ease. There are two views, a shorter cropped version and an asymmetrical style. In this tutorial, we’ll feature the uneven … Continue Reading

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