Seams Unlikely, autobiography by Nancy ZiemanIt ended up being a watershed day when I keyed  “Nancy Zieman” into the Google search box. The terms “Nancy Zieman face,” “Nancy Zieman stroke,” and “Nancy Zieman smile” instantly popped up. My first reaction was embarrassment. Then I thought, “What—not a mention of sewing or quilting!”

That casual search caused me to pause, think, and realize that all of you watching Sewing With Nancy or paging through a Nancy’s Notions catalog had good reason to wonder why my face is not symmetrical. After all, it’s something I can’t hide!

What happens to us does not define us unless we let it.

Okay, I admit, writing an autobiography might appear like a rather pompous project. But all is not what it seems or seams as in this case!

My reason for writing is this: Each of us faces challenges. Some are larger than others. But what happens to us does not define us unless we let it. If this book can help others gain confidence in the face of challenge, that will bring me great joy.

Read a sample chapter online or view the video

I’ve written a lot of books, but this is the first book without a single sewing or quilting tip or technique. To read a sample chapter, visit and click on “The Book”.

Or, view this short video.

I am generally a private person, but . . .

… once deciding to write an autobiography, I had to tell the story. (I liken it to wearing a skimpy swimsuit on a crowded beach when you have no business wearing a bikini. Gulp.) Here are a few images from the book and topics that are covered.

  • I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Bell’s palsy hit early, when I was 14 months old.

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • 4-H played an important part of my life. That’s me hiding in the back row. Beth, Valerie, Vicki, Peggy, and I were all wearing the jumpers and blouses we made in the second year of 4-H.

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Facial issues were not my only physical challenge. That was a long, hot summer in leg casts.

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • I started Nancy’s Notions literally from the kitchen table. (Obviously my outfit that day was less than coordinated!)

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Our first warehouse was once a chicken house!

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • As the business grew, more family members became involved. (My father-in-law Earl, and our son Ted, moving into a new warehouse.)

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Eventually, Nancy’s Notions home grew to this!

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Sewing With Nancy had equally humble beginnings. Early TV shows were economically produced. It appears we didn’t use the vacuum cleaner very often. Those are tape spike marks that show the placement for the demonstration table. The studio was so small that we had to reset the studio between videotaping table and sewing machine segments.

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Now its lights, camera, and sewing action!

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • As Sewing With Nancy and our business grew, so did our family. This photo was taken on “Gotcha” Day, or the day Tommy, our youngest son, arrived in our lives.

Seams Unlikely Autobiography by Nancy Zieman

  • Our family has grown!

Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

There’s a lot more in the book!

Seams Unlikely is a  300 page book with an extra 16-page section of photos. The book is now available in stores. For a listing of stores/web sites where Seams Unlikely is available, visit and click on ”Where to Purchase”.


A portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to adoption services.

Read an online article from Book Fun Magazine, see page 52.

Ebooks now available

Seams Unlikely is now available at Amazon for Kindle readers, on Google Play for Android devices, at Barnes and Noble for the Nook and from Apple in iBook formats. Enter search words, “Seams Unlikely”.

Seams Unlikely Kindle format

Blog Tour!

Today kicks off the Seams Unlikely Blog Tour. Twenty-eight talented bloggers have been sent an advance copy of Seams Unlikely. Over the next two weeks each blog=ger will share a review of the book at their blog. Mark your calendar to click below each day and read new insights into the book. Here’s the schedule:

Seams Unlikely Autobiography by Nancy Zieman

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Thought for the day!

Improbable. Doubtful. Unlikely. We often say those words out loud or plant them firmly in the back of our minds, but they don’t have to be true.

Bye for now,

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