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Strip by Strip Patchwork Quilts by Nancy Zieman and Donna Fenske | Sewing With Nancy | Quilting with Precuts

Sew Strip by Strip Patchwork Quilts

One of the aspects of sewing and quilting that holds my interest in this art is the use of color and design. Change a color; change a size, and bingo—a new look. A master at giving visual interest to traditional quilt designs is Donna Fenske, a long-time member of the Sewing With Nancy team. On … Continue Reading

How to Sew the Perfect T-Shirt

Sew and Fit the Perfect T-Shirt or Knit Top

One of the greatest benefits of my job has been one-on-one lessons from sewing, embroidery, and quilting experts. When preparing for a TV series, my guests and I plan the series months in advance. After a quick study of the technique, book, or pattern, we have several phone conferences, I prepare scripts, the guest and … Continue Reading

10-20-30 Minutes to Recycle Jeans By Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Readers Are Recycling Garments

How do you use existing garments in sewing projects/gifts? That’s the question that I posed earlier this month via this blog,  Facebook, and Pinterest.  It’s fantastic to see such a range of ideas for recycling garments to make projects and gifts.  Enjoy the selected responses below, plus a spotlight on one featured reader. *Featured image showcases jeans used … Continue Reading

Strip by Strip Patchwork Quilts by Nancy Zieman and Donna Fenske | Sewing With Nancy | Quilting with Precuts

NEW Strip by Strip Patchwork Quilting

Someone once asked me, “Why do you cut perfectly good fabric into pieces just to sew it back together again?” My answer, “To create great quilt designs!” One of the designers that I have the privilege to work with is Donna Fenske; she’s here to share her latest ideas. The premise of this NEW Sewing … Continue Reading

Sew a Fall Scarf | Spiral Scarf | Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Sew A Fashionable Scarf for Fall

What begins as crosswise fabric strips, ends up in a completely bias scarf. Curious? It’s easy to sew a bias, spiral scarf with a little sewing savvy. My first recommendation is for you to watch or read the original scarf instructions. The book is Sensational Scarves and it features a total of 14 scarf options. You can watch part … Continue Reading

Whirlygig Quilt Block 2017 Block of the Month by Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy|Digital Quilt

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt: September Block of the Month by Nancy Zieman

Introducing the September Block of the Month Whirlygig* block is the September Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Block. Like all blocks in this year’s block of the month challenge, this block is 15″ (finished size) and is created using quick strip-piecing techniques. Simple! During this 12-month block of the month challenge, all blocks are made from … Continue Reading


Fun Designs with Free-Motion Quilting

If you are having fun while you’re quilting, your joy will be apparent in your quilts. That encouraging advice is from today’s featured Sewing With Nancy guest, Lori Kennedy, who is with us for this second episode on learning the basics of free-motion quilting. Catch up with Lori in this series by watching part one … Continue Reading

How to Sew a Needle Organizer | Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Sew an Organizer for Your Sewing Machine Needles

By Emily Jansson, Nancy’s Notions guest blogger This sewing machine needle organizer whips up in an afternoon, and boasts 32 slots for your needle packs. The clear vinyl allows you to see your whole inventory at a glance. The elastic closure lets you pack it up neatly to store out of sight or pack for class. Hope … Continue Reading

National Sewing Month | Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy | Favorite Sewing Notions Round Up

National Sewing Month’s Notion Round-Up

September is National Sewing Month. If you ask me, it is a wonderful theme to celebrate all month long! Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite and most-popular sewing and quilting notions. These tools will make your next project assembly smoother and hopefully, more successful. Trusty Triangles—A New Row-by-Row Quilt Here’s a rhetorical question: … Continue Reading

Free-Motion Quilting 1-2-3 by Nancy Zieman and Lori Kennedy | Sewing With Nancy | Machine Quilting

NEW Free-Motion Quilting 1-2-3

A quilt without personality is just a blanket! That’s the insight from today’s guest whose artistry is teaching how to add character to our quilts, using machine-quilting techniques. Join today’s guest Lori Kennedy, who has developed a novel, very learnable approach to free-motion quilting techniques on Free-Motion Quilting 1-2-3, today’s new episode of Sewing With Nancy.  Nearly … Continue Reading

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