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Nancy Zieman (June 21, 1953 – November 14, 2017) was an American author, designer, businesswomen, TV producer, blogger and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing With Nancy®, which appears exclusively on public television stations across the United States and Canada. You can watch Sewing With Nancy® online at


Ultimate Serger Tips and Techniques

Do you use your serger sewing machine to its fullest? Are you using it for more than just clean finishing edges? To ensure you are getting the full value from your purchase, Nancy Zieman invited serging specialist, Pam Mahshie, National Baby Lock Ambassador, to be her guest on Sewing With Nancy. Pam is a magician with the … Continue Reading


More Stress Free Artistic Doodle Stitching

  Doodling—we’ve all done it with pen and paper. Those same concepts—drawing squiggles, circles, rectangles, and silly shapes—can be done with fabric, trim, and/or stitching. Why should you doodle at your sewing machine with fabric? It’s a great way to use fabric odds and ends while being creative. Watch the Doodle Stitching TV show online … Continue Reading

April BOM Feature

April 2019 Block of the Month: King’s Crown Quilt Block

2019 Block of the Month—April: “King’s Crown” Quilt Block In January, Team Nancy Zieman introduced the first of 12 blocks in the New! Summer Picnic 2019 FREE! Block of the Month Series. Find the January and February Quilt Block Tutorials under Popular Blog Posts: 2019 Block of the Month. Join the New! Summer Picnic 2019 … Continue Reading


Machine Embroidery in Six Easy Lessons – Part Two

Six lessons, it’s usually a great start in learning a new skill set—be it dancing, Zumba, or hang gliding! (Anyone hang glide?)  That same 6-lesson approach can easily be applied to the creative skill that Nancy Zieman’s guest, Eileen Roche has mastered. Eileen is the editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine, and she joins Nancy in the … Continue Reading


Learn Stress Free Doodle Stitching

Create small works of fiber art! We’ve all doodled, sketching with short pencil strokes or shapes in the margins of notes or homework. In part one of the Sewing With Nancy program, Doodle Stitching, Nancy Zieman shows how to translate those sketched doodles onto fabric with sewing machine stitches. The sewing is fast, and the … Continue Reading


Five Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy

Did you know there are Five Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy? Back in 1982 when the first Sewing With Nancy show aired, never did Nancy Zieman dream; #1,  that she would record over 35 years of television, and #2 that the show would be available on multiple channels and across the internet. (Not to … Continue Reading


Machine Embroidery in Six Easy Lessons – Part One

Machine embroidery could possibly be your passion, or maybe it’s something you’d like to try. If you’re a newbie or want-to-be embroiderer, Eileen Roche, Nancy Zieman’s friend and Sewing With Nancy guest, will teach you  Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons on a 2-part series. The embroidery process comes down to six key learning points. Learn … Continue Reading


Complete the Trusty Triangles Row-by-Row Sampler Quilt

Patchwork designs are often created with blocks, occasionally in columns, and more recently in rows. The row-quilting concept provides an ideal palette to create projects from table runners to larger bed-sized quilts. In part one of this two-part Sewing With Nancy series, Trusty Triangles—a Row-by-Row Sampler Quilt, Nancy Zieman covered the basics of a traditional … Continue Reading

ISFF Headband Feature

I Sew For Fun Project Tutorial: Reversible Headband

  Sew a reversible headband that is both practical and adorable—it keeps hair in place, while making a fashion statement! Ask your little sewing partner to choose two cotton fabrics and let the stitching begin with this FREE! I Sew For Fun Reversible Headband Sewing Tutorial by Nancy Zieman. You’ll find this reversible headband sewing … Continue Reading

Sew Hometown

Sew Hometown Block Spotlight: April Flutter Block

Take an exciting quilting adventure with a variety of quilt blocks, techniques and color options. The result is a stunning Sew Hometown quilt—by Amy Ellis and Heather Valentine—that is sure to push you past your comfort zone, while improving your piecing skills. Amy Ellis and Heather Valentine are talented quilters and good friends of Team … Continue Reading

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