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Nancy Zieman (June 21, 1953 – November 14, 2017) was an American author, designer, businesswomen, TV producer, blogger and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing With Nancy®, which appears exclusively on public television stations across the United States and Canada. You can watch Sewing With Nancy® online at


Sew Super-Sized Curved Quilts with Ease

What happens when a clothing sewing teacher starts to quilt? Answer: She teaches a hybrid of techniques! That teacher is Nancy Zieman and her journey of breaking sewing and quilting rules all started when she taught a quilting class as part of her first job out of college. Nancy didn’t know much about quilting, but … Continue Reading

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February 2019 Block of the Month: “Be Mine” Heart Block

  2019 Block of the Month—February: “Be Mine” Heart In January, Team Nancy Zieman introduced the first of 12 blocks in the New! Summer Picnic 2019 FREE! Block of the Month Series. You’ll find the FREE! January “Nancy’s Spool” Block Tutorial in the January 19th NZP Blog Posting. Join the New! Summer Picnic 2019 Block … Continue Reading


Sew More 30-Minute Outfits for 18″ Dolls

  Raising two boys, sewing doll clothes wasn’t on Nancy’s radar. So when Joan Hinds  approached her on the topic of sewing doll clothes as a Sewing With Nancy topic, Nancy had to stop and think. Wow, she hadn’t thought of that before! Joan’s take on the topic is to make simple styles in 30 minutes! … Continue Reading


Use Easy Techniques to Sew Grand Lone Star and Dresden Quilts

Super-size it! That’s something Nancy rarely said at a restaurant, but often when quilting. Nancy started with a traditional quilt pattern and expanded the size. This no-fat super technique adds drama to a quilt project, but also saves time on piecing. Over the past Sewing With Nancy seasons, Nancy recorded several episodes featuring super-sized quilts. … Continue Reading


Create an Easy Valentine Postcard

In practically no time at all—20-minutes—create a fabric postcard that is personalized and thoughtful. Commercially made cards are wonderful, but they can’t possibly pen the personalized message you’d like to send. With this quick paper-piecing tutorial and fabric from your stash you’ll have a beautiful card to send to your loved ones. If you’ve never … Continue Reading


Sew Speedy Outfits for 18″ Dolls

When Joan Hinds proposed the idea of 30-Minute Doll Clothes for a Sewing With Nancy program, Nancy’s interest piqued. She asked Joan if the pieces could truly be made in just 30-minutes instead of several sewing sessions. Her answer—absolutely! Nancy gave Joan the go-ahead to submit ideas centering on sewing for the popular 18″ dolls. She sent Nancy sketches and photos. … Continue Reading


More of Nancy Zieman’s Favorite Scarves to Sew

Over the years, Nancy recorded at least six programs on sewing scarves. Going through the Sewing With Nancy archives and revisiting those techniques reminded us that most scarf styles are timeless. Today Team Nancy Zieman spotlights the second episode of Favorite Scarves to Sew, where you’ll see videos, showcasing scarf techniques that have stood the test … Continue Reading

2019 Stitch Along Feature

2019 National Embroidery Month Stitch-Along Blog Tour and NZP Project Reveal

Team Nancy Zieman is pleased to join Baby Lock and Designs in Machine Embroidery (dime) for the 2019 National Embroidery Month Stitch-Along and Blog Tour! Team NZP and 13 additional talented bloggers received a set of the Farmhouse Collection—Sentiments, “Gather” and “Grateful” from dime. The Farmhouse Collection—Sentiments, “Gather” and “Grateful” are 20″ x 38″ pre-printed … Continue Reading

Afternoon Picnic Feature

NEW! Afternoon Picnic Fabric and Pattern by Team Nancy Zieman

Afternoon Picnic Dreamy thoughts of warm summer afternoons are the inspiration for Nancy Zieman’s gorgeous NEW! fabric collection. Pretty pale prints honor delicate blooming flowers that arrive only in the warm sunny days of summer. A sprinkling of flower petals adorns soft floral coordinates. Tonal prints read as solids yet showcase floral elegance. Subtle placement of a … Continue Reading


Sew an Invisible Zipper the Absolute Easiest Way

Sew it simple. Sew to have fun. How? It’s straightforward after you learn The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew! This time, learn how to insert an invisible zipper. To seamlessly—pun intended—insert an invisible zipper into the seam use this modified approach, attaching the facing before sewing the zipper. It’s a new approach and one of … Continue Reading

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