For a person who has her name on a catalog of sewing and quilting products, you might think that my “elevator does not stop at all floors” after reading today’s post. I’m sharing with you makeshift sewing notions ideas. My sewing studio is filled with the latest and greatest in sewing supplies that are carried in Nancy’s Notions Catalog or at your favorite local retailer, but at times the best sewing aide isn’t found at either location. Here are two economical notion substitutes!

First Option: Make your own seam roll using a magazine.

•          Roll a large magazine or two into a 3”-4” roll. Wrap the roll with masking tape in several areas to hold it in place.

•            Cut muslin or wool fabric (natural fibers) approximately 6” longer than the magazine and wide enough to wrap around the magazine several times. Wrap the fabric around the magazine, fold under the raw edge and pin in place.

•          Tuck the fabric into each end of the roll; hand stitch the folded edge in place.

Second Idea: Head for your desk and find a stack of sticky notes to use as a seam guide. This hint came from a Sewing With Nancy viewer and then I added a little extra tip. It’s one of my favorite budget-friendly options.

•          Remove the protective covering from the back of the pad; place the stack of notes the desired measurement from the needle.

•          If pivoting is needed, I found that if you remove one sticky note and place it the measured amount—in this case 1”—in front of the needle, you’ll know exactly when to pivot the fabric for perfect topstitching.

At times, makeshift notions are better than purchased notions. The majority of the time the most timesaving sewing supplies are things we’ve purchased. Since I’ve had the opportunity to test most sewing/quilting products, Krause Publications asked me to write about my 101 favorite notions. In Nancy’s Favorite 101 Notions you’ll find them listed along with the description of how I use them. You’ll also find additional budget-friendly notions.

Here’s another thought, you can watch me demonstrate some of my favorite notions by watching Sewing With Nancy online —24/7. The 2-part series Sewing Then and Now features notions that I think you might enjoy seeing!

What’s your favorite budget-friendly notion?

One more topic: the winner of last week’s random drawing! I can add a life-time worth of picnic points to my bucket list after reading the comments from last Friday’s blog. The random winner is Julie, here’s her picnic memory.

After living in the US for about five years, my family and I started looking for a home to buy. We searched high and low for our home. We would drive around for hours, usually on Sundays, but we would always take a picnic, and find somewhere along the way to have our food. I would pack all kinds of treats along with sandwiches/salads/desserts/etc. Our boys were aged around 10 and 8, they were so good! I’m sure they would rather have been playing with their friends, but they never complained…after all they were part of the process! I remember more about the picnic spots we found than the houses we looked at!

We have now lived in our home for almost 20 years! The boys are now men, and picnics are usually taken with friends to our local State Park….oh joy! But I do think about those days whenever I make a picnic, I sigh, and a tear often falls. I miss my boys, but I love my men!

Thanks for reminding me about those times Nancy, especially with Spring knocking on the door! I am looking forward to another season of picnics, and my Mother’s visit from England!

Julie, you’ll receive a copy of McCall’s 6338in the very near future!

Bye for now,